Fashion Statement

RV Road Trip

  • You don't come to the Cabot Trail for high fashion. You come here for the vistas and the experience.

    As many of you know, my husband, Dean, and I are travelling across Canada this year. We've been documenting our trip in photos and videos. We aren't professionals, so our videos aren't super slick and edited - but you'll get the gist.  Today, we drove the 300 km Cabot Trail on Cape Breton Island.... View Post
  • Shopping in Canada's Capital Region

    Oh Ottawa.  Three days just isn't enough time to take in all you have to offer. Dean and I and best dog in the world, Bear, camped an easy 25 minute drive from Parliament Hill.  Parking, however, is not so easy. It took us longer to find parking than it did to drive to the city.  Detours and lane... View Post
  • The Red Dress Project at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, Winnipeg

    Mostly, when I’ve heard people discuss Winnipeg, Manitoba, the conversation has revolved around the cold, windy weather and the overabundance of mosquitoes.  So imagine my surprise when, on the fourth day of our Cross Canada RV trip, we arrived in  a beautiful modern city with so much to see and ... View Post