Art Comes to Silhouette

30 years ago, when I bought my first house (well, half-duplex) I went on the hunt for artwork to adorn the living room walls. I fell in love with a 3’ x 4’ black and white print by Ruth Orkin titled American Girl in Italy.  I found a Robert Doisneau Paris print that seemed like a good match. I don’t think I own a single other item from that first home, but I still have these two framed prints. They are timeless pieces and they’ve hung in all my homes, my children’s homes and now they hang on the walls at Silhouette Fashion Boutique. The black and white photographs are a wonderful contrast against the red and orange walls.

I don’t know much about art (translation - I don’t know anything about art), but I do know what I like. 

So, when Okanagan artist and frequent shopper Jocelyn Winterburn recently surprised the store with a wonderful painting of the exterior, I had to ask, “Why did you choose to paint Silhouette?”

“I had seen a painting of a pub in Ireland that someone had done,” she said, “and thought it would be neat to do a painting of a storefront.  Silhouette’s sign and fashions that hang outside in good weather make a perfect backdrop.  One of Silhouette’s staff, Lynda, agreed to pose for me and that is she included in the painting.”

“And, of course I love the staff,” she adds, “very upbeat, positive, helpful, and honest.” 

Wow, talk about making us feel like a million dollars!

It was immediately obvious that the painting belonged on the orange wall next to the cash register, where it really pops!

Jocelyn had always wanted to paint, but didn’t have the time and didn’t think she had the talent. Retirement took away the first of those obstacles.  “I took lessons in acrylic painting in the Okanagan and on Vancouver Island and was pleasantly surprised by the results.  I like acrylics for their vividness and flexibility.”

Since then, Jocelyn has sold five paintings; two had been on display at The Brown Derby, a funky breakfast and lunch place in downtown Armstrong.  “The Brown Derby is very generous in letting budding artists hang their work, and they appreciate the ambience it creates in the café,” says Jocelyn.

Acrylics aren’t her only artistic endeavours.  She’s also a poet!  Her poem “August” placed third in a National Poetry competition and is published in an anthology of verse entitled “The Tracery of Trees.”

And she’s even taken on an editorial position at Okanagan Woman Magazine, where she has been contributing feature articles for the past year.  “The new owner asked if I would step in to Act as Editor.  A great opportunity and I am excited about the position.  I love the flavour of the magazine and it is great to be contributing to that.”

Looks like Jocelyn will keep her creative juices flowing! Thank you Jocelyn, for the fabulous painting.  I don’t know much about art, but I know what I like!

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