TJ in her birthday suit! - December 18, 2015

The road opened this morning and considering last night’s incredible winds and blowing snow, we headed out expecting less than ideal conditions. We purchased chains just in case. But to our relief, the road was excellent all the way, so instead of stopping at Jackpot as originally planned, we drove on to Wells.  Wells Nevada is a lot like Wells BC – tiny.   We had a restless sleep at a Flying J truck stop where dozens of rigs came and went throughout the night.

This morning – to my delight, I was able to change my outfit, well most of it.  It’s my birthday and there’s something about putting on clean clothes that makes a girl feel all special and new!  We’ve got a while to go before I can switch to my summer wardrobe, so today I donned my slate gray Donna tunic. I love this tunic and I love the Donna line, but I’m pretty sure they’ve gone out of business as they didn’t present spring samples at the September shows.  That’s quite a disappointment as it is a quality Canadian Made line and I especially love their resort wear. Fingers crossed they make a comeback.

I’m still wearing the Tribal corduroys – mostly because no one can see me while we are driving and no one knows what I wore yesterday J. 

Our RV has a window at the head of the bed which I usually love because I can wake up in the morning and look out at a beautiful lake or valley view. But last night I cursed that window. With wind gusts up to 30 mph, I could feel the chill through that window. When I was packing I couldn’t imagine why I’d need a knitted infinity scarf … but since it’s light and doesn’t take up any room, I tossed it in the motorhome. It came in handy last night as I wrapped it around my head to keep the chill off my head while I slept.

So here is my birthday video … don’t judge me ladies. No make up, no care. At least I had a change of clothes!



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