Fashion on the Road ... having some fashion fun on vacation!

The other day as I was packing up our motor home it occurred to me that I should blog about our upcoming road trip to Arizona. Of course, this is supposed to be a fashion blog  - what to do, what to do?

I could write about what I am wearing each day – after all, pretty much my entire wardrobe save my undergarments comes from Silhouette Fashion Boutique. And I could write about the fashions I see on the road.

There you go. I have it all figured out.

NOT quite.

The Plan:  Travel by motorhome south to Arizona and Baja Mexico. Meet friends in Las Vegas to see Christmas Light up on the strip. Leave the city of sin for points unknown, all the while blogging about my wardrobe – because Silhouette has something for every day (blatant self-promotion – you can expect a lot of that in this  blog, but hopefully we’ll have some fun along the way)

The Reality:  Travelled by motorhome south to La Grande Oregon … STOP!  Interstate 84 is closed due to severe winter weather.  Have worn the exact same clothes two days in a row because it is too darn cold to undress and redress into something new. Yes, I slept in them, too.

If the road opens tomorrow, we’ll inch our way down to Boise.


Baby, it's cold outside!

Chipping ice rain off the motorhome, dressed in chocolate brown Nuage down jacket (last year’s stock), black corduroy pants from Tribal, red and gray print tunic from Pretty Woman.  Red knit mittens from Heart Truth Fundraiser.



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