Reminiscing with Tango Mango in Parker, Arizona

As many of our customers know, my husband and I have started going south for the winter in our RV. This past year, I decided to make videos while we were away. The idea was that the videos would somehow relate to the store and give me, a classic work-a-holic, a project!  I made lots of videos, but connectivity while on the road proved to be a challenge and I had difficulty editing and posting them up on this blog.

So ... yesterday, we were feeling a little nostalgic because we sold our 2007 30' Coachman Mirada. That got us to looking at last year's winter photos and videos ... and we came across this one. It is completely unedited. We do not profess to be videographers, as will become evident very quickly. We just wanted to have fun and promote Silhouette Fashion Boutique while travelling.  This video was made on December 27th just south of Parker Arizona. We had a giggle while watching it again last night. Maybe you will, too.  

Silhouette Fashion Boutique has ruffle dresses in this exact print.  Flattering and fun! Check it out here!

We have purchased a slightly larger RV with slides and are already planning a new winter adventure!


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