Fashion Statement

  • Let's Get Serious About this Pandemic

    This pandemic is stressful for absolutely everyone. We're all concerned about the safety and health of our families and friends. We're concerned about loss of income and how we'll pay our bills. TJ weighs in with some thoughts about how we can all help each other out.  View Post
  • The Boss is Getting Stir Crazy. Watch these videos for proof!

    It's weird to visit the store and have no customers to entertain. If you know TJ, you know she can be a little "unusual"  and here's the proof.  During this time when the whole world is coping with such a serious health crisis and anxiety can be on the high side, we hope these videos offer up a b... View Post
  • Sending Love & Healing Vibes

    April 5, 2020 To our Silhouette family, Well, haven’t these past few weeks been a roller coaster ride?! I want to wish everyone good health and safety. I’ve been thinking about you and hope you are coping well during these trying times. Though our bricks and mortar store in Salmon Arm has been cl... View Post